First Date Tips for Men

First dates for men and women are alike. The typical behavior comprises of contemplating for hours about clothes and finally borrowing from friends, adjusting hair every time while passing a reflecting surface, practicing small talks and learning etiquette. It is a combination of nervousness and excitement at the same time. The only difference is in their expectation and preparation. After a lot of dating myself and hearing from my cosmopolitan friends, I found that dating is almost similar everywhere.  Maybe a little check-list will help nail a perfect date or run away from an awful one.

First Date Tips for Men

Appearance: All the ladies out there trying to get ready keep your make-up minimal. You don’t want to go to the powder room frequently or reset your stylish hairstyle. Keep things decent and perfect so you feel comfortable all the time. For men, try and get ready. Just because you were busy with work all day does not mean you can go casually. Wear presentable clothes that will enhance your looks and also try not to choose too dull or bright colors.

Money: Carrying enough money with you is very essential. Girls, you can offer to split the tab because you are independent and self-sufficient. Men can give their card beforehand to come across as classy and caring.

Expectation: Men and women are often born with expectations that are poles apart. So try and keep them in check. Showing over affection and making the other person know that you have fallen for them or keeping a poker face can make the other one uncomfortable. A bad date for you may be a good one for the other and vice-versa. So unless you are heartless, have the patience to let the date finish.

Small talks: Generally men can talk for hours about sports and politics and women like gossiping or telling stories from their past. For men, she is not your buddy; keep the topics mild that can let her speak her mind and not those that she is clueless about. For women, don’t discuss your past relationships; don’t spoil your present because of it. Avoid discussing religion and rather concentrate on hobbies and places visited or great experiences.

Eating and drinking: don’t drink so much that you forget the purpose of the date. Men can handle a little more but women please don’t compete. Eat normally, don’t overeat in anxiety or not eat at all. Imagine that you are sitting with a good friend, so have a nice dinner and talk casually. You don’t have to impress at every level.

Signs: May be you were enjoying the date but the other one got bored or was always involved in phone, look for the signs of interest or disinterest. Depending upon the cues you gather throughout the evening, think about scheduling a next date or whether you will even call again.

First Date Tips